Moroccan Interior Design Style: How to Master the Look

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16 Feb 2023
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A Moroccan interior design style can be exotic, elegant, luxurious and dramatic all in one go. Outside of the country itself, the Moroccan look really started big time in the sixties when hippies from affluent backgrounds spent time in the country and brought the look back as a non-conformist style. An opulent look, it is all about colours, fabrics, patterns and lots of freedom and flow between pieces.

Garden with moroccan interior design
Photo by Alessio Mei

Low seating is a key feature in creating a Moroccan inspired interior design look. Tables also tend to be set low to the ground and feature elaborate metalwork or ornate wood carvings. The enhancement in the Moroccan decor features a glass top on a wooden designed table. This establishes an old charm and historical craftsmanship. Upholstery can also be patterned or plain, but the actual design tends to be simple. Comfort is key though; you have to be able to imagine walking barefoot across a rug and relaxing into an inviting seat.

Riad with moroccan interior design
Photo by Alessio Mei

You can achieve a Moroccan inspired look without strong colour, but you would just need to work harder on bringing in intricate wood, mosaic pieces and fabrics that capture the look. Strong colour added to neutral backdrops of white, beige or sand colours tend to feature in Moroccan décor. Blues and greens from the surrounding oceans like these stunning plush accent chairs or recliners, and terracotta reds and oranges from the earth and the sun are colours that run strongly through this design style. Touches of gold and silver feature heavily too, and jewel colours look wonderful too.

bathroom with moroccan interior design

Fabrics should be luxurious, as well as rich in colour, and add lots of throw pillows and plush floor cushions. If you wish, consider draped curtains at the windows. And flooring should be terracotta tiles or dark wooden flooring, depending on the room in your home, layered with wonderful colour-packed rugs. Moroccan rugs are really quite distinctive and an easily recognisable element of the look. Rug designs can be abstract and geometric patterns, or intricate and ornate; you can also buy them in colourful and neutral palettes. Authentic Moroccan rugs can be pricey, but rugs that are inspired by the look are readily available at a fraction of the cost.

entrance with moroccan interior design
Photo by Alessio Mei

Traditional Moroccan architecture features curved doorways and striking arches; in particular, the Islamic keyhole design is really predominate in this style. Unless you want to start resizing doorways and knocking walls down, the easiest way to bring this feature in is through wooden furniture like shelving, bookcases, and sideboards.

Living room green Moroccan interior design
Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna

Tiles featuring geometric designs are also very Moroccan and can be found on floors, walls, tables or small alcoves. To add an element of this into your home, add tiles around your fireplace, on a tabletop or even the entrance to a room.

blue wall with moroccan interior design
Photo by Alessio Mei

If it is a bedroom or a living room you are creating a Moroccan inspired look in, a really dramatic and on-trend look is adding an overhead canopy. Choose from fine fabrics like silk or cool cotton to create a look that is both cosy and romantic at the same time.

Living Room Moroccan interior design
Photo by Gordon Stein Design

Lighting is also a really distinctive aspect of this look. You can buy stunning Moroccan lanterns made from many different sorts of metals – from brass and copper to silver and gold look metals. In highly intricate designs, you can hang lanterns in clusters together or over a dining table for a real statement. A lighting fixtures company can advise on beautiful pieces for the dining room. The shapes of light and shadow that these beautiful pieces cast can be truly gorgeous.
Finish your look with large wall mirrors to make a statement, preferably placed opposite a natural light source. Mirrors are wonderful tools to reflect light around a room. To keep the Moroccan theme, choose mirrors that are intricately sculpted out of wood, or feature ornamental wrought iron details. Other style tips are onion or horseshoe dome-shaped mirrors to match the style often found in Moroccan doorways.

living room with moroccan interior design

Choosing a scent evocative of Morocco is also a lovely touch to really bring this design style to life. Incense, essential oils or beautifully fragranced candles can take your look to the next level. Choose warming and exotic scents like cinnamon, nutmeg, and citrus.
Done well, a Moroccan inspired interior can be your own personal paradise and a tranquil oasis from the outside world. Generally not thought of as an understated style, you can actually make this look as bold and dramatic as you want, or as subtle as you like too. A few Moroccan touches in an otherwise quite neutrally decorated room can add touches of warmth and a few feature highlights to bring it to life. Whatever your preference, the Moroccan interior design style is surprisingly diverse.

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